Cheap or expensive? It's all relative. The bottom line is, like in many industries, web design and development is definitely an area where you get what you pay for. AndieStuff give you best services you can get at affordable price.


What Does a Website Cost?

While the price of a website will vary depending on your individual needs, here is a breakdown of the general costs incurred by a website. We have three packages for you to choose.

1 - 2 weeks development
IDR5.5 jt
Discount 10% during Covid-19
This package is suitable for displaying exclusive internet profile for personal, professional, services, company, manufacturer, organization, school etc.
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3 -4 weeks development
IDR10.5 jt
Discount 10% during Covid-19
This package is suitable for displaying products as a catalogue with built-in e-commerce features to sell product online. The easiest way to boost your product selling worldwide with a low cost.
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Negotiable price
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Discount 10% during Covid-19
This package is designed for personal and corporates who want to create a large website with huge of content, complex development and custom features.
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The Coronavirus Outbreak!

To help businesses make this transition using existing tools and resources in new ways, we will give special DISCOUNT up to 10% for every order to help small businesses create an internet presence and stay engaged with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.



This is limited time offer, we can closed it at anytime